Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Our staff

Our department is dynamic and constantly growing, with staff whose interests cover specialised fields within civil and environmental engineering. Our academic staff are at the forefront of civil and environmental engineering teaching and research.

Head of Department

Professor Jason Ingham

Group Services Coordinator  

Olga Beliakina

Group Services Administrator

Pervin Suntoke

Staff directory

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Enrolment coordinators

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Before you get help from a member of staff for enrolment, check the wealth of informaton available online and then enrol through the online portal. 

However for additional help with enrolment, please make an appointment to see an enrolment co-ordinator.

Direct entry enquiries eg, BSc, NZCE, DipEng.
Dr Tam Larkin

Part II  course adviser
Dr James Lim

Part III, Parts II/III course adviser
Dr Napayalage Nandasena

Part IV, Parts III/IV course adviser
Dr Gary Raftery

Conjoint degree adviser
Dr Quincy Ma


Accelerated Pathway adviser
Associate Professor Nawawi Chouw

Practical work report enquiries
Dr Doug Wilson

Postgraduate course adviser
(Taught Courses - MEngSt, Diploma)

Dr Ryan Yan

Postgraduate course adviser
(Research- PhD/ME Thesis)
Dr Alice Chang-Richards