Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mobile Field Laboratory (MFL) for in-situ testing

Mobile Field Laboratory (MFL) enables in-situ testing of full-scale structural and geotechnical systems in order to understand better their dynamic and seismic performance and characteristics. Satellite connection to NZNEES@Auckland node enables teleobservation and telepresence at test sites.

MFL comprises the following equipment:

  • 2 x MK140-10-50 ANCO Engineers eccentric mass vibrators. These deliver of up to ~100kN of dynamic force each
  • 3 x APS Dynamics Model 400 linear shakers. These deliver up to ~0.45kN of dynamic force each
  • 19 Honeywell QA750 accelerometers, strain gauges, MEMS accelerometers, LVDTs and other sensing equipment
  • Dytran Model 5803A 12 pound instrumented impact hammer
  • data logging equipment
  • ancillary equipment such as power generators, wireless data transmission equipment, network cameras, personal radios, etc.
  • IPSTAR two-way satellite internet system for data transmission to NZNEES@Auckland node
  • servers for data storage and retrieval.